Girl Power!

Alice Party Montage 3 4.11.17

Last weekend we had a brilliant group of girls join us to celebrate Alice’s 11th Birthday. Wow, those girls were totally on it and up for it in the woods. They set to work fire lighting and shelter building with great gusto and creativity and there was some fascinating attention to detail… We decided by the end of the day that the shelter they built might be our best yet and we have left it up for others to see and get inspiration from.

The girls made a really super bunch of bows and even managed to craft some twig cobwebs to take home. After lunch, birthday cake and SKULL ID (involving some huge antlers!) we held our shooting lesson and competition.

The girls showed great team spirit, helping each other in all the tasks they completed, and generally had a fantastic Bushcraft Adventure. The woods were echoing with laughter long after they left – come back any time girls – you rocked!!!

Alice party montage 4.11.17



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