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Christmas Bushcraft Adventures

TrackingĀ šŸ¦ŒĀ and findingĀ šŸ¦ŒĀ has to be a highlight! Top kids building top shelters and managing to keep their fires lit all day long… whilst playing manhunt, making bows and spears and feasting on hot chocolate and sā€™mores…Fun fun fun! Good work Team Bobble Hat and The… Continue Reading “Christmas Bushcraft Adventures”

Only for the brave…

December 16th dawned cold and crisp – and we set about preparing for a very special birthday party – Max’s 11th birthday – (special as it was going to be mostly in the DARK!) Our intrepid Bushcraft Boys arrived prepared for the cold and… Continue Reading “Only for the brave…”

Christmas Bushcraft Days and Gifts!

For details of our December Bushcraft Days click here…. Children can run free in our woods all year round come rain or shine – so this Christmas give them a Bushcraft Adventure…    

Girl Power!

Last weekend we had a brilliant group of girls join us to celebrate Alice’s 11th Birthday. Wow, those girls were totally on it and up for it in the woods. They set to work fire lighting and shelter building with great gusto and creativity… Continue Reading “Girl Power!”

Bonkers Bushcraft Birthday

What a great group of up-for-it boys we had on Saturday for Felix’s Bushcraft Birthday Party. They learnt how to light a fire, build a shelter and then made the most impressive bunch of bows we’ve seen! They had a really good go at… Continue Reading “Bonkers Bushcraft Birthday”